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Useful Websites
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LEARNING 4 LEARNING™ is an interactive workshop incorporating a programme of mental skills, modelled on excellent learners to make learning easier and to aid students of all ages and abilities to become more efficient learners.

2   Link   Murphy Reading
Murphy Reading is a truly multi-sensory approach to teach children to read. It is suitable for children between the ages of four and seven.
3   Link   National Parents Council
National Parents Council is the nation-wide organization representing parents of children attending primary schools in Ireland. This website is an excellent resource for Irish parents and it has a special section devoted to National Special Interest Group.

4   Link   International Dyslexia Association
The Interantional Dyslexia Association is based in the US and provides a comprehensive range of information on the area of dyslexia. It is dedicated to helping individuals with dyslexia, their families and the communities that support them.

5   Link   British Dyslexia Associaton
The British Dyslexia Associaton offer advice, information and help to people with dyslexia, their families and the professionals who support them.

6   Link   Dyslexia Association of Ireland
The Dyslexia Association of Ireland provides information and help to people with dyslexia, their families and the professionals who support them.

7   Link   Dyspraxia Association of Ireland
The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland promotes awareness of the dyspraxia in Ireland.
8   Link   Special Education Support Services
The Special Education Support Services was established by the Department of Education for training and supporting those working in the field of Special Education. The FAQ section of this website is particularly useful to parents in understanding the "Reasonable Accommodations" that are provided for students with dyslexia in state exams in Ireland.

9   Link   Department of Education and Science
The Department of Education and Science website has a section devoted to NEPS (National Educational Psychological Service Agency ). On this section of the website there is a complete database of all the registered Educational Psychologists in Ireland.

10   Link   Department for Children, Schools and Families in England
The Department for Children, Schools and Families in England.

11   Link   happydyslexic.com
The purpose of this site is to help people with dyslexia achieve their potential and be happy. We can contribute to this by bringing more understanding and a positive view on dyslexia, and ways on how to overcome the disadvantages of dyslexia.

12   Link   iamdyslexic.com
This is a great website for children with dyslexia to look at. It is written by a boy with dyslexia. It documents the difficulties he experienced through his own eyes and has great tips on ways he found to cope.